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Government & Regulatory Compliance (HUD)

Depending upon the sector in which you operate, such as not-for-profit and government contracting, there may be specific regulatory considerations to which your organization must comply. As the world gets smaller and the governmental oversight becomes more precise, your business needs more coverage. Roth & Co. assures that you are properly positioned by providing services related to such areas as corporate governance, risk management, internal auditing services, reasonable compensation studies, nonprofit board fiduciary responsibilities, and others.

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February 2, 2023

70° and Sunny With a Chance of Inflation

Forecasting the stock market and interest rates is a pursuit that has captivated investors for centuries. A huge cohort of Wall Street brain cells surrounds the prediction business of markets, interest rates...

E.C. Ortiz is now Roth&Co!

We are pleased to announce our merger with Roth&Co, a leading accounting and financial services firm with locations in New York, New Jersey and Israel.

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