Buy-Sell Agreements

We know that your business is not just your business - it’s your life’s work.

As a partner in a business, the most critical, yet sometimes neglected area of importance, is ensuring your business’ continuity after your partner is no longer able to be involved. A buy-sell agreement is a must for every partnership, as it establishes the responsibilities of each respective partner, and the general rules to be followed upon the death of a partner.

As part of a buy-sell agreement engagement, Roth&Co’s Advisory Services division will assist you in making sure that the agreement is structured to meet its intended goals.

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  • Gathering and Reviewing Information:
  • There are many financial implications to consider when structuring a buy-sell agreement. The first step to creating an effective agreement is to gain absolute clarity of your current financial picture.

    During this phase we will:

    • Review Company Tax Returns
    • Review Company Financial Statements
    • Review Corporate Records and Existing Agreements

  • Determining and Establishing Goals
  • Your goals provide the framework when drafting the agreement and how best to fund it. Determining those goals at the outset will help minimize any conflict, allowing for a much smoother process.

    This phase includes:

    • Understanding the Goals of Parties Involved
    • Establishing the Key Terms of the Agreement

  • Finalize the Agreement
  • This phase entails working in close concert with your life insurance agent and legal team to finalize funding and legal considerations.

    During this phase, we will:

    • Assist your legal team with ensuring that the agreement drafted correctly represents your wishes.
    • Review life insurance policies
    • Review tax ramifications of the agreement

  • Monitoring Plan and Client Follow-Up
  • There are many unpredictable economic and/or legislative factors that can compromise the effectiveness of an agreement. We will review your plan at regular intervals to ensure its value and relevance.

    During this phase, we will:

    • Ensure Proper Implementation of the agreement
    • Evaluate Necessary Changes to Existing Plan

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