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Though the word “estate” might conjure up images of gated homes and flowing fountains set on sprawling, impeccably-manicured lawns, in truth, every one of us has an estate. However, many people don’t pay much thought to what would happen to their assets in the event of serious illness, injury, or worse. Without the proper planning, should such an unfortunate circumstance occur, those who matter most to you can be severely impacted.


With this in mind, we help individuals plan for their future and maximize their estate, so they can move forward with full confidence and clarity.

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  • Gathering and Reviewing Information
  • Estate taxes can reduce your net worth by over 50%, if not more. In order to protect the value of your assets, it’s important to first understand both the current and projected value of your assets.

    In this phase, we will:

    • Review Individual Tax Returns
    • Review Corporate/Partnership Tax Returns
    • Review Personal Financial Statements
    • Review Existing Wills & Trusts
    • Calculate an Estimated Net Worth

  • Determining and Establishing Goals
  • Contrary to popular opinion, estate planning is about more than just avoiding the estate tax, it’s about protecting whom and what matters most to you. In order to do so, we will sit with you to outline your goals and the proper planning devices with which to accomplish them.

    During this phase, we will draft a plan that encompasses the following:

    • Tax Planning
    • Succession Planning
    • Asset Protection Planning

    Understanding personal information, including knowing the intricacies of family dynamics, is an essential part of what it takes to create an effective plan. We will sit with you to gain an understanding of the roles of each party, as well as to determine the appropriate planning devices, which include trusts, wills, and partnerships.

  • Finalize the Estate/Succession Plan
  • We’re now ready to start putting the plan we’ve created into action. We will work in concert with your attorney to ensure each aspect will be carried out with utmost care.

    During this phase, we will:

    • Obtain Real Estate Appraisals
    • Obtain Business Valuations
    • Assist Attorney in Drafting Documents
    • Executing Documents
    • Prepare Necessary Tax Filings

  • Monitoring Plan and Client Follow-Up
  • Keeping your estate plan up-to-date is equally as important as creating it to begin with. We will monitor your plan at regular intervals to ensure it remains current with both your life goals and circumstances.

    Ongoing monitoring includes:

    • Ensuring Proper Implementation
    • Evaluating Necessary Changes to Existing Plan, including:
    • Changes in Circumstances
    • Changes in Law

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