Project Manager

We are seeking a dedicated Audit professionals to join our team as a Senior Associate. We expect our Senior Associates to exhibit excellent technical skills as well as the ability to work independently and within a team.

Skills Required:
• 2+ years experience in a Public Accounting firm
• The ability to manage multiple high demand projects at once while completing each client’s engagement within budget
• Excellent technical skills across a broad range of accounting and Audit issues
• Capable of supervising one or more staff assistants as necessary
• Top-notch professionalism both with staff and clients in high pressure situations
• Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks and Accounting software

What you’ll do:

• Utilize your technical knowledge and skills to submit self-reviewed work which will require few changes to be made by the manager
• Schedule projects/engagements based on priorities, due dates, etc. and work to complete them in a timely manner that avoids last minute rush jobs
• Oversee, supervise and monitor the work of the staff assistants on your team by providing on-the-job training and feedback on their work as well as ensuring that each project is completed accurately and within budget
• Control the field work on engagements, making sure that it gets done correctly, within budget and on time. This begins with the planning of the engagements, writing the engagement letter, establishing a detailed budget and ends with the completion of the work papers and final product, with possible involvement in drafting the bill
• Develop meaningful contact with clients and gains their confidence
• Participate in the firm’s business development activities by identifying leads for managers and partners to close
• Identify opportunities for expanded service opportunities to existing clients and actively participates in networking, including community and professional organizations
• Adhere to and helps communicate firm policies and procedures
• Perform other job-related duties as required