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Founded in 1978, Roth&Co has grown to encompass more than 85 professional associates and staff in two locations. Roth&Co merges the personalized service characteristic of a small firm with the sophisticated expertise of a large player.

At Roth&Co we believe that our firm is only as good as our team, and we understand that great employees make better companies. This is why we pride ourselves on being an employee-oriented firm, with many internal perks, and excellent potential for future growth.

We put tremendous resources into recruiting accountants and support staff with razor sharp minds and a whole lot of heart. We actively cultivate an environment that supports both personal and professional growth, ensuring that the potential of each Roth&Co employee is actualized.

In addition to a full suite of office perks, we offer competitive salaries plus a comprehensive benefits package.

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E.C. Ortiz is now Roth&Co!

We are pleased to announce our merger with Roth&Co, a leading accounting and financial services firm with locations in New York, New Jersey and Israel.

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